tooHighPsi - BOSCH Extended 800cc/min (78lb/hr) SQUARE PLUG Fuel Injector for "SC" port plates (Set of 8)

$ 495.00

If you're running E85, choose your injectors wisely, we sell genuine BOSCH injectors compatible with E85 fuels.

These SHORT EXTENDED injectors are the correct size for use with our SC Port Plate system.

These injectors - combined with a stock DI high side fuel system - are capable of (.85 bsfc):

LT1 - approximately 1100HP on E85 fuel

LT4 - approximately 1250HP on E85 fuel

Flow rate: 800 cc/min (78lb/hr) at 43.5 psi (3 bar)

Length: 34 mm (Short) extended tip

EV14 Square Plug (Jetronic) electrical connector

Coil Resistance: 12.5 Ohms (high resistance, saturated).