Snow Performance 6th Gen Camaro Fuel Hat - Dual Pump

$ 949.00

Are you tired of multi-pump fuel upgrades that require a bunch of T-fittings, unreliable hoses and hose clamps?

Snow Performance has the solution! The Snow Performance Multi-Pump Fuel Hats feature a billet aluminum manifold with CNC machined passages making these the nicest high output fuel pump upgrade on the market! This design eliminates the need for hose clamps and rubber or plastic lines that can deteriorate and cause problems. No detail has been overlooked with these assemblies. The CNC machined bodies hold the fuel pumps securely and feature Viton chemical-resistant O-rings and guarantee a perfect leak-free fit.

Snow Performance Fuel Hats are engineered, CNC machined, and built in the USA from 6061 billet aluminum.  These billet hats receive a black anodized finish for the ultimate durability and corrosion resistance, making them compatible with E85 and other harsh fuels.  

Snow fuel hats completely replace your factory fuel hat/bucket for an easy installation, retaining your factory tank features including, the OE fuel level sending unit, EVAP system, filler neck, and if equipped with saddle style tanks, the fuel transfer pump functionality. 

Snow fuel hats feature female 10AN ORB feed and 8AN ORB return ports. 90 degree swivel adapter fittings are sold separately to adapt to your desired combination of 10AN, 8AN or 6AN lines.  To meet your specific vehicle’s fuel demands, these pump assemblies are configurable with a combination of 2 or 3 fuel pumps. No knock-off pumps here.  Get OE reliability with genuine TI Automotive (Walbro) fuel pumps in your choice of flow rates (450LPH or 470LPH).

These fuel pumps are designed for a return-style installation only. Do not attempt to run these pumps in a returnless application. These pumps are compatible with 100% Gasoline, 100% Ethanol or any blend of Gasoline and Ethanol (E10, E85, E98 for example). These pumps are NOT compatible with methanol.

For street-driven applications, it can be beneficial to combine a smaller fuel pump along with one or two larger fuel pumps.  This allows you to street drive on the smaller fuel pump which has a lower amp draw and does not generate as much heat. Once you get into boost, the larger pumps can be activated to support your high horsepower needs. The easiest way to do this is to use a Snow Performance Boost activated pressure switch (part # SNO-81014) and a Snow Performance Multi-Pump Relay Module (part # SNF-20003).  

Another amazing feature of the Snow Performance Multi-Pump Fuel Hats is the pump sock that merges all 3 pumps into 1 feed. This prevents the issue when one pump's sock is in fluid but the others are not, causing fuel starvation during performance driving. Our 10-micron pre-filter feeds all 3 pumps without the need to be fully submerged. This prefilter also mounts directly to the pumps eliminating the need for bulkheads and other unnecessary hardware.