2016-2018 Camaro SS Corvette LT4 Supercharger Pulley/Mod for Camaro SS and Truck

$ 319.00

ADM PERFORMANCE has now made it possible to use a 2015-2018 Corvette LT4 supercharger  on a 2016-2018 Camaro SS Lt1 Engine with ZL1 Harmonic Balancer.

The same Mod for the 2014-2018 truck accessory drive is available but retains the factory accessories all the way down to the Harmonic balancer. Note - Trucks require 2015-2016 Corvette blower. 2017-2019 LT4 Blowers will not fit under the cowl of a 2014-2018 truck due to tall spacers/adapters that must be run.

You must remove the supercharger inlet and ship to ADM PERFORMANCE for modification,Machining and install of new parts.

Price Includes standard ground shipping.

Pulley sizes available  -3.0" 6-7psi  2.70" 8-10psi   , 2.50"  11 psi     2.35"   13psi with factory ZL1 Harmonic Balancer.

Truck Pulley sizes are 2.8" 6.-7 psi 2.50" 9-10psi   2.35" 11psi+