2016-2023 Camaro SS to ZL1 LT4 supercharger install parts - with Lt4 Supercharger and Lid

$ 7,495.00

2016-2023 Camaro SS Lt4 supercharger with Install parts. 

Parts included are:

New Z06 Lt4 Supercharger and Lid, ADM Cylinder head adapter plates, Lt4 Supercharger Tensioner bracket, Tensioner and hardware,3 Idler pulleys, Belt for stock Lt4 Supercharger pulley, Stock LT4 Harmonic balancer and bolt, Complete OEM Intercooler Hose system that is plug and play, New lower radiator hose and adapter, Factory ZL1 Heat exchanger with mounting hardware, Factory Intake duct from throttle body to factory airbox, LT4 Map sensor and adapter harness, Long and short replacement LT4 ZL1 Brake booster pipes, Factory Intercooler Pump and bracket with ADM Power relay harness, Horn Bracket, Purge Valve Extension harness, Evap pipe, Clean air inlet pipe, LT4 Valley cover with extension pipe, 2.7" pulley and modification to supercharger inlet is required - https://c-8parts.com/collections/2016-camaro-ss-performance-parts/products/2016-2018-camaro-ss-corvette-lt4-supercharger-pulley-mod-for-camaro-ss

On the Corvette LT4 supercharger you will be required to send the BLOWER INLET(Easily removed and shippable) to our facility for modifications to the shaft and hub boss. At the time of this modification we will also install the correct hub and pulley of your choice. On a stock fuel system from your LT1 we recommend the 2.7" ,2.75"or 2.8" pulley. 

If you increase the fuel supply to your engine via ,Larger Injectors,Larger fuel pump or larger cam fuel lobe ,then and only then will you be able to run the smaller 2.5" or 2.35".

Please note that these engines are a higher compression than the LT4 so you need to understand timing and fueling is very important in the tune.ADM Performance does not offer tunes with these parts.

Picture is for reference only. Some items in the photo are upgrades/options.We only sell Corvette Lt4 Superchargers for our packages.


Optional parts for more boost and hp are available here:

LT4 Injectors - https://c-8parts.com/collections/injectors/products/2016-2018-lt4-injector

LT4 High Pressure pump - https://c-8parts.com/collections/fuel-systems/products/lt4-high-pressure-pump

Rotofab Intake system - https://c-8parts.com/collections/cold-air-intakes/products/lt4-sc-rotoab-intake-upgrade-2016-2018-camaro-ss

Smaller pulley for the supercharger for more boost - https://c-8parts.com/collections/supercharger-pulleys-pulleys

High Capacity heat exchanger - https://c-8parts.com/collections/lsa-supercharger-upgrades/products/2017-2018-camaro-zl1-high-capacity-heat-exchanger

Reservoir kit - https://lsa-conversion-store.myshopify.com/collections/high-octane-fuel/products/2016-2018-camaro-lt4-sc-resivoir-upgrade