1 - Griptec 2.38" 8 Rib Supercharger Pulley for Lsa/Lt4 and Hub

$ 209.00

ADM Performance, LSAConversion.com and Z06 Parts Inc. are proud to announce our 2009 - 2021  line up of 

Supercharger Pulleys by Z Industries and ADM Performance.
ADM Performance called upon Drew Zimmer and his father to manufacturer our new Premium line of
LSA, LT4,LS9, LSA Conversion and Magnusun Multi piece supercharger Pulleys .
Our new lineup will showcase these new benefits of the previous models:

GipTec® Micro is a micro machining process. Our micro machining capabilities are near limitless and we apply our technology to give the target component the desired friction coefficient that optimizes the safest most aggressive gripping force possible. Our multidirectional machined ridges and valleys offer up more than just maximum gripping force they also act as escape ducts for trapped air and debris further helping in the mating of the target surface and belt. Patent Pending

Belt slip is a very common issue on supercharged components. In fact some units cranking out as much as 14-16 psi can take up to 200hp to drive. Often the drive systems are plagued with slippage issues and builders find themselves moving to noisy cog systems, where belts have shorter life spans, are difficult to find at just any parts store and they can create more heat through the frictional movement of the cogs.

Belt slip isn't always noticeable. Often belt slip is noticed when the system squeals, squeaks or boost falls off. Did you know that naturally the belt can slip a very small percentage even on NA vehicles, one major factor to belts wearing. Belt wrap does play a key factor in minimizing belt movement but when it comes to driving a supercharger is hard to fully eliminate with just surface contact. Systems runing 3.4 upper pulleys can see as much as a 1.5 psi gain when matching size for size puleys.
Whether you are running 6 psi or 20+ psi you are slipping if you are not running GripTec®
Pro's to using GripTec®
• Increased boost and supercharger performance size for size pulley
• Reduce or eliminate belt slippage on the applied component
• Increase belt life from not slipping over and over again
• Eliminate belt squeaks common when shifting hard

• To much boost for current engine tune. Adjustment may be required.

About ZPE
ZPE Inc. was founded in 2013 but is no stranger to the automotive world. Our parent company Z-Industries was founded in 1984 and Incorporated in 1987. Z-Industries Inc. offers advanced tuning and emissions services to the aftermarket and OEM industry. ZPE offers advanced engineering solutions for applications in both the automotive and the machinery industry. Our new found love for designing and patenting has brought several new technologies to the automotive and machine industry with more to come. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality components and service possible. Our standards of manufacturing are the highest possible and it shows in everything from the designs and quality of our parts to our custom packaging. We want to offer a quality that just doesn't exist in the performance world outside of ZPE, which is why we will continue to seek and develop new solutions and parts for years to come.

Andrew Zimmer
ZPE Inc.